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Chiyo (also known as Chiya Shigemura Umezuka) was the daughter of the Shigemuras who in 1904 bought and then ran the Washington Hotel at Yama.

The interview is almost exclusively about Yama & Nagaya and…

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Recording at end of record under Files.

Emery Andrews was minister at the Seattle Japanese Baptist Church in Seattle from 1929 to 1955. During World War II, he and his family moved to Idaho to be near the Japanese Americans from the congregation…

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Art grew up on Bainbridge. He and his family were/are integral to Bainbridge Island.

The interview concerns the history of Art’s family in Japan before they immigrated to the U.S. The interview then…

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Tom grew up on Bainbridge and after World War II, the family started a large floral business in California.

The interview discusses Tom’s childhood on Bainbridge, his leaving Bainbridge in September 1941…

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John was a butcher in Winslow.

The interview includes the history of John’s family (parents) in Japan. On Bainbridge, the family lived at Yama & Nagaya but then moved to Winslow where John’s father…

Article by George W. Martin about his part in the mountain rescue that sparked his passion for educating students on mountaineering at Olympic College;

South facing elevation of house surrounded by white picket fence. Unidentified man in porte-cochère. Note: Title supplied by cataloger.

Hartse Archive - A1.pdf
Documents related to the dedication of the mosaic on May 15, 1960 during the Festival and Dedication Week.

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A sketch of the Hank Blass mosaic, "The Progress of Man", by Shea Hunter. Hunter was a student in the Anthropology 205 Spring 2007 class taught by Dr. Caroline Hartse. The sketch was made as part of the project to research and document the mosaic.
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